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Meet Dr. Michelle Sands, the proud owner of Sandy Paws Animal Hospital. Dr. Sands strives to provide exceptional care with a nurturing heart to all of her patients.  She established the clinic with the mindset that each patient is treated like her very own.

Dr. Sands is a true Cheesehead.  She grew up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and has a passion for Green Bay Packer football.  Her parents realized she was destined to become a veterinarian when she raised baby rabbits at five years old. She spent hours watching National Geographic and reading every animal book she could find.

Before veterinary school, Dr. Sands was a large and small animal technician.  She also taught swimming and aerobics and was a Red Cross certified lifeguard.  She is very proud to be a Florida Gator.  Dr. Sands received her bachelor degree in Animal Science with a minor in Chemistry in 1997 and her Veterinary Medical degree in 2003 from this swampy university.  She has practiced veterinary medicine in Florida, Virginia, and Washington.  Her professional passions include surgery, critical care, and ophthalmology.

Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her son Reece at the park playing soccer. She loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, camping and going to the beach.  She has six furry children at home. Mustasta, a 17-year-old Abyssinian, has been with her since veterinary school. Ying is a shy but friendly calico that she adopted in Virginia. Luke and Leia are kittens that were found under a house, and Dr. Sand’s son Reece brought them home. Minnie, a dachshund mix, and Geo, a black lab, round out the crew.

Meet Guinness! 

Guinness is the equivalent of a grizzled old man who's seen his fair share of hard times on the streets, and he loves to regale in the stories of his younger and scrappier years. He wouldn't like us saying this, but despite his gruff exterior & manly cat ways, he can be a bit of a big pussy. Guinness loves constant reassurance that he is a handsome boy as he is a little insecure about his wonky ear, but we think it's one of the most endearing things about him. He is indifferent to other cats and puts the fear in most dogs, but we assure you that this salty old tomcat is really just a softy at heart.

more staff photos to come...